LA7 download movie-ruby

This is a ruby program I found online ( by downloading the video you have the ability to skip comercials and fastforward the view:

here is the ruby code by Matteo:

#!/usr/bin/env ruby

require 'uri'
require 'net/http'
require 'rexml/document'

# Constants
LA7TV_URL = ''
ARCHIVE_URL = 'rtmp://'

if ARGV.empty? or not ARGV[0].include? LA7TV_URL
$stderr.puts <<-EOD
This script downloads videos from, for your personal use only.
The idea is that you can watch what you see online for free, but offline too.
Please be sensible and don't use this method for breaking the law.

Please make sure rtmpdump is installed.

Usage: #{$0}
exit -1

asset_number = ARGV[0].split('assetid=')[1]
xmldoc = Net::HTTP.get URI.parse(sprintf DESCRIPTOR_URL, asset_number)
xml = xmldoc
videos = REXML::XPath.match(xml, '*/videos/video')
video = videos.max_by { |video| video.elements['quality'].text.to_i }

local_filename = video.elements['originalName'].text
remote_filename = video.elements['fms'].text.gsub(/^mp4:\//, '')
remote_url = sprintf ARCHIVE_URL, remote_filename

puts "Downloading #{local_filename}\n\tfrom #{remote_url}"
Kernel.exec "rtmpdump -e -o '#{local_filename}' -r '#{remote_url}'"

How to:
1-Copy and paste the script into a text file. name it : la7.rb
2. Copy the url of the show/episode you want to see.
3. in the terminal run :
./la7.rb your_url_pasted_here
4. enjoy


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